Interview Resources

Product Design Frameworks

The Product Design Interview | Liam Bolling – Liam, Google PM and IU alum explains using a framework to ideate through a Product Design interview.

CIRCLES Framework | Lewis Lin – One of the popular frameworks for Product Design questions. Working through developing a framework that makes sense to you is recommended, and CIRCLES is great to fallback on if inspiration is needed.

Interview Books

Cracking the PM Interview 

Decode and Conquer 

The Product Manager Interview 

CrowdsourcingPM (List)

Mock Interviews

The PM Interview – Lists of endless Behavioral, Product Design, Strategy, and Estimation questions to hone interviewing skills.

Pramp – Service that pairs you with an interview buddy to practice behavioral and Product Design interviews.

Lewis Lin Mock Interview Slack – Slack created by the author of many PM books that can be used to find partners to practice PM interviewing with.


Becoming a PM in Mindset

Crowdsourcing PM – Collection of books recommended by Product Managers in industry.

The First 90 Days – A book recommended by industry PMs to adapt and excel quickly in PM.

Thinking Fast and Slow – A book frequently recommended by industry PMs on using mental models to think uniquely.



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