What is Product Management?

Product Management is a role that is at the intersection of Business, Design, and Technology. PMs help coordinate business areas through identifying target customers and problems they may have, and then crafting solutions that align with their company’s over-arching goals and strategy.

Product Management Club Mission Statement

Furthering students’ interest in product management as a viable career path through the unique facets of Career Development, Product Skills Development, and Speaker Series events.

Career Development Series 

  • Resume Workshops¬†– Club meetings and 1:1 sessions to discuss how to strengthen your resume, and craft a personal narrative that compels recruiters.
  • Interview Prep – How to answer Product Design, Estimation, Strategy, and other PM interview questions through using product frameworks and personalized frameworks.
  • Networking – Leveraging peers and recruiters to create symbiotic connections that create simultaneous near-term and long-term value.
  • Personal Branding – Creating and reinforcing your professional brand or narrative through crafting a unique website or LinkedIn experience to attract recruiters.

Product Skills Development 

  • Product Workshops – Workshops that bolster your marketability as a PM candidate by familiarizing you with the tools and techniques industry PMs use everyday.
  • Methodologies – Learn how different development methodologies such as AGILE/SCRUM are used in industry companies, and how they’re applied in PM to ship products.
  • Ideation – Work with startups from the Luddy Shoebox to brainstorm product improvements, and gain experience as a PM by advising real-world clients.

Speaker Series

  • Product Managers from companies like Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, and LinkedIn speak with the club on how they became a PM, how to break into PM, and many other topics.
  • There are times when we’ve asked Product Managers to give specific talks, but most topics are decided by the PM depending on what they’re passionate about.

Mailing List | Email: sicepmc@indiana.edu

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